About us

Skyradar Engineering (Engineering, Planning, Waste management and
Project Management) is a fastest growing indigenous Limited Liability
Company set up to provide comprehensive Civil, Electrical, Mechanical
Engineering services to clients in Oil & Gas sector, Government and Non-
Government Agencies. Skyradar Engineering also shows high level of
expertise in Geotechnical engineering, Dredging services, Harbor & Jetty
construction and Physical perimeter Fencing work. Our company is well
experienced and adequately equipped with right equipments which aids
excellent performance in all our operations and works
Project Monitoring and Evaluation, Planning studies, Structural design,
costing, Construction and supervision of water retaining structure,
roadway, bridges, drainage system; Laying of estate and intra-state
underground utility facilities; building construction.
Other areas of Engineering Activities include:
®Infra structural Engineering Services involving Water treatment
and sewage systems, construction of swimming pool, irrigation
systems, rural and urban electrification schemes, etc.
®Building Services involving Electrical installations, plumbing and
sanitary installations, internal telecommunications, air -conditioning
and ventilation systems, fire detection and protection systems,
material handling and personnel transportation installation (i.e lifts,
conveyors, etc.) Central and kitchen services, Bore hole drilling and
installation etc.
®Plant Engineering involving Construction of equipments
foundation, Insulation, Fire proofing, Equipments preservation,
Cathodic protection, Pressure testing, Equipments installation and
services, Air and steam generation, distribution and usage,
electrical power generation, plants and other power plants; pneumatic systems; refrigeration systems, etc.
Industrial Engineering and Management involving studies, plant and
process layouts, Waste water and solid waste management, Fire water
line and Oily water system( Fabrication, Installation, Lamination, Repair
and Hydro testing of Glass fibre Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) pipes), Steel
structures fabrication and preservation, production planning and control.
Skyradar Engineering Nigeria Limited is a member of many National and
International professional Engineering Bodies. These include:
The Council for the Regulation of Engineering Practice in Nigeria (COREN)
The Nigeria Society of Engineers(NSE)
The Managing Director and our other professional engineers have been
involved in projects undertaken by the Shell Petroleum Development
Company(SPDC) in their capacity as project engineers since 1996.
We are registered as Contractor to render Engineering services to many other organisations including:
The Department of Petroleum Resources Ministry of Works and Transport of Federal and State Governments (Category D)
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (Category D)
Niger Deltal Development Cooperation(NDDC).
Engineers in Skyradar Engineering have been involved in the construction and supervision of a wide variety of projects ranging from Building construction to
engineering works and utilities services in Oil and Gas sector. Other areas of
engineering practice include Commercial and Industrial Structures. Expertise is also available in the areas of Environmental Impact Studies, Rural and Urban Planning, and development.
The present staff members available for projects executed by the firm include
one Managing Partner, three Project Managers, six Professional Engineers, a
computer specialist, the Chief Surveyor and many Technicians and
administrative staff.
We also engage other specialists in varied aspects of engineering services.
The firm has mutual working relationship with Local and International companies
by which we aim at putting up combined team of engineering professionals and
technical staffs to form a consortium for the construction and supervision of big
Our team of Engineers and Technicians are quite familiar with most parts of the
Country. We have been able to relate very well with the communities and we
have also received maximum co-operation from them.
Our Managing Director and other key staff members have in the past 12 years
specialize in executing projects relating to:-
Urban and Rural Road Studies
Building Structures
Engineering Feasibility Studies
Urban Development
Highway Engineering
Water Facilities
Bridges and Drainage Works
Computer Application
Perimeter security fencing work
Plumbing and Sanitary Installation
Internal Telecommunications
Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems
Apart from providing full engineering services we are also equiped to supply support
services. The Firm’s support services include route location and survey, topographic and
hydrological Surveys; Construction inspection, Soil Survey, Traffic Survey and other
auxiliary field works.
The types of projects for which we have provided these services include Roadway
Widening and reconstruction; highway and bridges; maintenance facilities; parking
lots; construction of water retaining structure and materials storage facilities. Others
are Industrial Warehouse, office and residential buildings.
Our Survey crews are equipped with modern equipments which include Electronic
Distomats, Graphic Traffic counters, Roadstar Electronic Distance Measuring
instruments, Subsurface and deep soil investigation outfit, and other state-of-the-art
The firm specializes in providing comprehensive professional Engineering Services
for Electrical and Mechanical facilities for the industrial, commercial and urban
sectors, in the areas of planning, preliminary studies, preliminary plans, and
construction plans, including contract documents.
We also supervise and manage the construction of small, medium and large scale
Industries, Institutional Buildings, Residential Estates, including all services in
Electrical, Mechanical, Water Supply and Distributio