HSE Policy



Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) is a top priority and also a core business philosophy of Skyradar Engineering Nig. Ltd. which enables us to achieve our goal of project delivery with zero fatality. During project execution, company’s activities must be planned in such a manner to achieve and maintain a high standard of protection of lives, properties and the environment through the following measures.
Ø Elimination of all form of hazards and preservation of health and safety of our employee, subcontractors clients and other parties
Ø Maintain plant and equipment in a safe and proper working condition
Ø Carry out proper job hazard analysis before commencement of work to properly apply checks and eliminate all forms of hazards.
Ø Report all accident / incidents within 24 hours from the time of its occurrence.
Ø Investigate and record accident / incidents including LTIs within 10 days to reveal all elements
responsible in order to eliminate them.
Ø Ensure strict compliance of our sub-contractors with the terms of this policy
Ø Recognize excellence in safety and provide a safe and secure work environment.
Ø Work in harmony with the host community by having mutual understanding with them.
All employees are expected to discharge his or her duty in accordance with this policy.
All Managers and Supervisors have a part to play in our HSE policy by showing good example and reacting promptly and effectively against negative attitudes.
Copies of this policy are to be pasted in all notice boards in the yard and site and distributed to every employee.

Skyradar Engineering Nig. Ltd considers it the responsibility of all site agents or site Engineers to carry out HSE audit of their sites every week using appropriate forms provided by the safety coordinator and submit same to him. Other HSE audit elements include:
· Project Manager shall conduct a general audit once in every month for the sites under his operations
· Area Manager shall conduct an audit at least every three months
· Toolbox talk must be held every morning prior to the commencement of work. Minutes of the talk shall be taken and documented.
· A general site safety meeting shall be held at least once every week and shall be conducted by the site manager / agent. Minutes of the meeting shall be taken and properly documented. Copies of this policy are to be distributed to every site representative concerned.


· Have an accident-free operation during our working, traveling and domestic life.
· Prevent the destruction of our environment through pollution, oil spillage rather improve our
standard of housekeeping at the site.
· Increase our welfare facilities at the sites and in the offices.
· Reduce the rate of list time injuries, if any, to its barest minimum.
· Support the campaign to keep the environment clean.
· Work in harmony with the host community.
· Increase the HSE awareness of the company.
· Increase the level of awareness on all possible hazards within the working areas and
· Carry out unsafe act audits, accident and near-miss investigations in order to ensure that
work practices are observed and corrected where necessary.
Increase the supply of safety documents that will include manuals, posters etc. to
sites and offices
· Incorporate HSE in our monthly, weekly and daily site meetings, as an agenda for
· Increase HSE training for workers and participate in HSE training programmes, when the
approval is given.
· Enforce the constant use of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and the right
tools for the jobs.
· Draw up a periodic (usually annually) HSE objectives for the company, which shall be the
target for all the company’s operations for the period in question.
· Draw up specific HSE objective and contingency plans for all jobs during mobilization as per
the scope of work approved.
· Ensure that permit to work is enforced at the work-sites always.
· Provide a Site Manager / Agent and Safety Officer as the safety focal points in contract
· Provide adequate first aide boxes and trained first aiders in the work-sites.
· Provide an adequate supervision for the work force and ensure that all equipment, tools and
vehicles are in good condition during the job execution period.
· Ensure the provision of useful HSE programmes in the future and increase HSE awareness